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AutoPuTTY is a simple connection manager / launcher - Screenshot
It's written in C# so you'll need at least Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

What you can do with it:
- Manage a server list and connect thru PuTTY, WinSCP, Microsoft Remote Desktop and VNC (only VNC 3.3 encryption is supported for passwords yet)
- Easily connect to multiple servers at once
- Import a list from a simple text file
- Protect the application startup with a password (note that the list is always encrypted)

Source code is available on github :

v0.24.3 - Wow, I'm so lazy (20/10/2012) - Download
- Fixed a bug when server name had a space at the beginning or end
- Added environment variable expansion for utilities paths
- Added "Multiple monitors" option for RDP
- Added sort of documentation in readme.txt, no really ..?

v0.24.2 (18/05/2010) - Download
- Fixed a bug with the non working folder browser for RDP and VNC output paths, replaced code so that the missing dll is not needed anymore

v0.24.1 (05/05/2010) - Download
- Fixed a bug with PuTTY "X11 Forwarding" setting not beeing saved...

v0.24 (20/04/2010) - Download
- Fixed bugs with path handling (used to check tools paths)
- Fixed a bug with user specified ports not beeing used for PuTTY / WinSCP
- Added PuTTY "X11 Forwarding" switch

v0.23 (27/09/2009) - First public release - Download
- Fixed various bugs
- Added UI for "Import" function
- Various speed improvements